Teamwork with FishingThis list is a compilation of experiences that occur in work that give people joy. Many of these were written directly to me and come from different perspectives. If you would like to add yours then feel free to leave a comment or email Hopefully you will find some inspiration from this list and go after what brings you joy!

1. Successfully completing a project that you thought you could not do, or that was extremely difficult at the time.

2. Learning new computer languages and frameworks. For some people learning new languages can be a tedious and difficult task, but for many this is a great way to distract yourself and try to create something new. Although the process at times can be frustrating, being able to finally solve the problem makes it worth it.

3. Solving a difficult problem finally and understanding why you could not solve the problem before, and understanding the solution.

4. Creating a document that helps me spread my knowledge on a subject, and helps others learn in another way that might be more understandable to them.

5. Achieving a goal no matter how small or large, and feeling proud of yourself because you were able to accomplish a task.

6. Remembering things that you succeeded at during your life even when you felt that those things were not possible. When you think about it, many things may seem impossible at this given moment, but just like other things in the past, anything unexpected could happen and prove you wrong.

7. Starting a new job that you think you might really like and having a new beginning.

8. Understanding and learning new material. Really increasing your knowledge base is always a great thing. You are able to form more connections between various subjects and really be proud of your accomplishments.

9. Receiving invitations to be interviewed for a job.

10. Taking a day off of work or school and just relaxing.

11. My career, even if it is not where I want to be, at least I have a steady paycheck and am well respected for what I do.

12. The knowledge that you tried your absolute hardest at something.

13. Taking a new step in life and changing your career path. Sometimes this can be tough process but if done well this can be a step in the right direction.

14. If things get really stressful, then consider communicating with your employer about the stress. Usually deadlines and workloads can be switched around if you really need the extra time.