Candle in HandsThis list is a compilation of experiences that occur in spirituality that give people joy. Many of these were written directly to me and come from different perspectives. If you would like to add yours then feel free to leave a comment or email Hopefully you will find some inspiration from this list and go after what brings you joy!

1. Worshiping God whether through song, prayer, or anything. Nothing makes you feel more in touch with God than through worship.

2. Reading some of your favorite bible passages or passages that you find very meaningful in your life.

3. The knowledge that God’s thoughts towards you are of peace.

4. Getting in touch with spirituality and trying to reach out to some spiritual place inside yourself.

5. Obtaining a peace of mind where you feel you have something to believe in and something to look towards.

6. Prayer.

7. Reading the Torah for the first time.

8. Obtaining a state of meditation where you can really try to understand yourself better and allow yourself to calm your mind.

9. Reading horoscopes.

10. Hearing an outstanding sermon from a pastor and priest that really helps you grow in your faith.

11. Worshiping through music.

12. Meditation

13. Reading the bible. This can be a very wonderful experience when you have given up hope or feel extremely distressed.

14. Visiting a new and good church. Surrounding yourself with new people who share the same faith, and listening to a new type of sermon can be really helpful.

15. Learning and trying to be thankful for things that have been placed in your life. Saying thank you more often can really help you realize that there is much to be thankful for.

16. Being baptized and officially declaring your faith.

17.God will never abandon you. Times may become tough but God is never giving up on you. God will never fail or forsake you!

18. The spirit of God lives within me. Your body may perish but your spirit will always remain alive through God.

19.Being lost in the power of worship! Feeling God in your presence while worshiping and expressing your love and faith to God through the power of worship!

20.Learning about spirituality or religion with a person who shares your faith.

21.Respectfully sharing your faith with others.

22.Going on missions with others of similar spirituality and helping others locally or in other nations.

23. Going to psychics and hearing more about your future, past life, or for support.

24.Going on missions with others of similar spirituality and helping others locally or in other nations.

25. Seeing God in everything on this planet.

26.Speaking with a priest, pastor, monk or other strong spiritual leader about their faith.

27. Learning about other faiths to increase your own personal awareness and understanding of other ways of life and cultures.

28.Falling in love with God.

29. I am God’s handiwork. God created us to be exactly who he wanted us to be: beautiful, whole, and with a purpose.