Rose GardenThis list is a compilation of experiences that occur in nature that give people joy. Many of these were written directly to me and come from different perspectives. If you would like to add yours then feel free to leave a comment or email Hopefully you will find some inspiration from this list and go after what brings you joy!

1. Waking up early one day and catching a sight of a beautiful sunrise.

2. Being awed by a beautiful landscape.

3. Watching the first snowfall of the year. Even if you are not a big fan of snow and the winter in general, it is hard to deny the beauty of the first light snowfall, after a colorful autumn.

4. Walking when it is raining or right after it stopped raining. Try it with music if possible. Something about the air being crisp and fresh right after a rainfall is incredibly calming.

5. Staring out at the stars, moon, and sometimes the planet beyond.

6. Flying on a plane and looking out at the clouds and the landscape below. Amazing to think how high you are in the sky, and many times you can catch nice views of the landscape or the clouds below.

7. Smelling the scent of one of your favorite flowers or perfumes. Whether you just find the scent wonderful or if it takes you down nostalgia lane, there is something soothing about just smelling it in the air.

8. Cloud watching on a beautiful sunny day.

9. Watching the autumn leaves fall and dance around. Something even more fun than watching them, is playing and jumping in big piles of them and feeling like a child again.

10. Listening to the sound of the trees as the wind rustles their leaves. Remember ever doing this? This is so relaxing to do on a warm, breezy day, and is so nice that it might lull you into taking a late afternoon nap.

11. Being by the ocean, listening to the sounds, and walking barefoot on the sand. That experience by itself is completely relaxing, especially on a really warm day, when there are not too many people at the beach.

12. Watching a meteor shower or looking for comets in the sky. Take advantage of those few days throughout the year where you can really view a frequent number of comets in the great expanse of space beyond.

13. Seeing the first few warm days of spring after a cold, harsh winter. That usually always cheers the mood, and adds some more energy to your day.

14. Watching a gorgeous sunset.

15. Viewing icicles through the window. I always thought icicles were beautiful but perhaps that is because I was raised in a warmer climate where snow was absent and anything below 35 was uncommon. Either way icicles are still pretty cool to look at and a fun tool to use if you want to attempt to have a sword fight!

16. Viewing a beautiful rainbow after a rainy day. Such a rare and beautiful sight when it does happen.

17. Catching the sight of a gorgeous waterfall

18. Walking around on crunchy snow, and making footprints. This also is fun on autumn leaves as well.

19. Trying to catch butterflies or any other insects.

20. Watching and listening to a thunderstorm.

21. Lying on the grass and rolling down hills.

22. Taking a deep breath and smelling fresh, sweet air.

23. Walking silently through a forest, and just viewing the wildlife and fauna around you, and appreciating the beautiful smells and sights.

24. Catching the sight of something rare such as a group of deer frolicking and dancing among the clover fields or seeing wild ponies race down the beach.

25. Seeing beautiful dragonflies, butterflies, hummingbirds and other beautiful insects and birds during springtime and summer.

26. Viewing the landscape of a canyon.

27. Hearing birds chirping during a sunrise.

28. Watching hundreds of fireflies at night. Maybe even catch a few if you like.

29. Visit a botanical garden.

30. Watching and listening to the sounds of the ocean.

31. Taking a couple of days and venturing through a desert once in your life. The desert has such an otherworldly beauty that can be easily taken for granted.

32. Take a trip to the countryside and try to escape the city life for a bit. Sometimes doing that will help you relax and truly get a breath of fresh air.

33. Go whale watching one day.

34. Enjoy the beauty of a cave closest to you. Just remember to bring a flashlight and check to see if you need a guide for safety.

35. Visit other places or at least view the beauty of the world on the internet. There are many places that we may not see in person but that can be shared through other’s experiences. Share some of your experiences too!

36. Looking into a campfire.