Baking Apple PieThis list is a compilation of hobbies that give people joy. Many of these were written directly to me and come from different perspectives. If you would like to add yours then feel free to leave a comment or email Hopefully you will find some inspiration from this list and go after what brings you joy!

1. Baking something for the first time and the result coming out really good, and quite delicious. Makes you feel like you accomplished something and is a great way to satisfy your gustatory senses while increasing your culinary skills.

2. Dancing wildly, feeling energy, and harmony within the music and your motor coordination. Even if you may not win a dance competition with your skills, dancing to music you love can be an enjoyable experience and can you help discover a life of meaning.

3. Going hiking can be an absolutely wonderful experience, especially when doing it on new trails. There is always something great when exploring new areas by foot and viewing the beautiful sights along the way. Try hiking with friends or by yourself. Even if the hike is exhausting, the outcome is usually well worth it.

4. Learning a new language can be a great experience. Even if your pronunciation is not that great, or you have difficult time learning a language, it still is fun trying to learn a language even if it is just a few phrases or trying to become fluent.

5. Puzzles, cross words, mad libs, or any type of game played individually or with other people. Games and puzzles are always fun depending on your personal preference. A good way to cheer yourself up is to just meet up with people and play some games or work on puzzles together.

6. Get a game going with friends such as soccer, or even just going out to a field and shooting and working out with a ball. Playing sports with a group of people is always fun, and really gets your mind off of things.

7. Video games are a great distraction and escape from reality when done moderately.

8. Singing whether it happens in your shower, outside in the rain, in the choir, or elsewhere.

9. Going ice skating and attempting to twirl and spin on the ice.

10. Gardening is another calming activity to try when feeling down. There is something stress-relieving about growing plants straight from the seed, weeding, fertilizing the plants, and watching them grow. Also gardening can enhance the beauty of your home and birds, butterflies, and other creatures will love them

11. Whitewater rafting, is just like a torrent of action, every time you turn around you are hitting a rapid, and getting drenched, but the best part is that everyone has to work together, and everyone has to be there for the others if someone goes over the side.

12. Designing and developing websites. Seriously, it is actually fun creating and designing new websites. Doing this can easily distract yourself from other things going on, and is another way to express yourself artistically or experiment with varying types of functionality of a website.

13. Fishing is a calming activity. Just sit out on a boat, relax, and use the fishing line to try and catch some fish.

14. Martial arts is always fun no matter if you are doing it to train for an exciting competition, just for the fun of learning the techniques, or something to add to your work out routine.

15. Rock climbing is literally a dangerously exciting sport that takes much strength and control. Rock climbing is not for everyone but a great experience nonetheless.

16. Going roller skating is pretty fun and something to do to get yourself out of the house and cheer yourself up.

17. Writing your feelings in a journal can be helpful when feeling really sad. This allows you to vent and get out your frustrations easily. Writing is also a calming and exciting activity if you like to just write stories or poetry. You can also easily express yourself through writing if you have difficulties expressing yourself verbally.

18. Painting or drawing a picture. Whether you create a picture via a canvas or doodling on the side of a notebook, drawing pictures can be really fun, and is a great way to express yourself and be able to relax for a little bit.

19. Collecting rocks and seashells. This is a hobby you can do however much and however long that you please. The wonderful thing about collecting the little trinkets from the earth is that you really appreciate nature, it is inexpensive, learn more about the geology of the earth if you like, and is a great way to decorate your house or an item to create gifts with. This is a very relaxing hobby and really nice way to appreciate the little things.

20. Bowling with people or in a competition. Seriously, get a group of friends and have a bowling competition. This is an inexpensive thing to do, is a challenging and fun game, and will help you get out of the house for some time, and improve your mood.

21. Taking pictures is always a fun hobby to have. Whether you are doing it for artistic reasons or simply trying to remember the good old times, picture taking is a fun hobby. Look through old pictures you took, and try to take more pictures of the beautiful moments in life! You wont regret it!

22. Riding dirt bikes on some of the craziest trails.

23. Playing your favorite instrument for hours.

24. Going horseback riding.

25. Building trains sets, and even ordering specialized parts to try and create models of trains.

26. Playing a good game of chess or something similar with friends or a good opponent.

27. Making scrapbooks that capture meaningful memories and moments in my life or in someone else’s life.

28. Climbing a mountain. Try to climb atop the tallest peak in your area. It feels great to declare that you climbed the tallest peak in the area where you live.

29. Creating your own personalized recipe book to share with friends or family.

30. Kayaking on the ocean.

31. Learning something unexpected from someone who is a master at that task.

32. Playing paintball with friends.