Coffee MugThis list is a compilation of experiences that occur in daily life that give people joy. Many of these were written directly to me and come from different perspectives. If you would like to add yours then feel free to leave a comment or email Hopefully you will find some inspiration from this list and go after what brings you joy!

1. Waking up from a good dream. Whether you dream rarely or often, you cannot deny how nice it is to wake up from a very good dream. That is one of the few ways to really experience a nice fantasy.

2. Browsing through old journals, e-mails or notes from long ago. This is a great way to take a stroll through memory lane and remember how you truly felt about something during that specific time.

3. Reading inspiring quotes or jokes that make you smile or laugh.

4. Spending time at a coffee shop. Whether you go by yourself or with friends, this can be a pretty calming experience especially with your favorite beverage, maybe a pastry, and a good book or magazine.

5. Taking a nap when feeling really stressed. Does not matter where the source of stress comes from, but sometimes taking a nice nap can really help you relax and help you think more clearly.

6. Listening to happy, upbeat music.

7. Reminiscing or just thinking about positive and meaningful memories.

8. Taking a nice bubble bath. Take out a few candles, put on some soothing music, add in the bubbles, and just relax. During a day that is very stressful, or if you feel upset or angry, it might be good just to take a nice bath and calm down.

9. Eating your favorite dish of all time. Nothing beats having one of your favorite meals.

10. Working out for awhile is very relaxing. Exercising can be tough but it’s great way to help yourself feel better, and helps calm frustrations that you may be dealing with at the time. 

11. Taking a walk somewhere, by yourself, and just thinking about things and being alone with your thoughts.

12. Taking a warm hot shower is really calming. For example when you are coming in from a cold environment and being able to allow your body to envelope itself in the warm, steamy water is refreshing. This is helpful after a good, hard cry, and has a similar effect after some challenging exercise.

13. Reading a book and being truly enraptured by its content.

14. Achieving a goal no matter how small or large, and feeling proud of yourself because you were able to accomplish a task.

15. Reading comics in the newspaper or online.

16. Going shopping with favorite friends or family members.

17. That first day when you start to feel better after being sick.

18. A cold shower on a hot day.

19. Reorganizing or remodeling a room, house, or just something in general.

20. Going to a zoo or aquarium and viewing the wide variety of animals.

21. Reading a poem that you really like.

22. Going on a weekend trip with friends or family, doesn’t exactly matter where. The point is is that the trip is spontaneous, somewhere different, and with people you enjoy being around.

23. Drinking hot chocolate or your favorite tea.

24. Getting a good rest after a hard day.

25. Buying something you have always wanted for the longest time.

26. Watching a marathon of some of your favorite tv shows or movies.

27. Going to the library and just reading, or being surrounded by books in a bookstore.

28. Having a good cry after being very upset or angry. It is a very therapeutic to just let loose and allow yourself to cry or weep.

29. Seeing a concert from a musician or band that you really like.

30. Listening to a new song and loving it!

31. Arriving in a warm area after experiencing a harsh cold temperature.

32. Playing with a pet or an animal that we love. Sometimes a playful animal is just enough for us to briefly forget what is going on in our lives at the moment and just enjoy the delights of an animal.

33. Deep breathing through the stomach. This breathing practice helps relieve some pent up tension and calms you.

34. Watching a good movie at the movie theater.

35. Drinking a cool glass of lemonade on a hot summer day.

36. Reading a book on a rainy, stormy day. I don’t know what it is about rainy days, but it always wants to make you get cozy in a warm blanket and just read a book, while listening to the thunder and rain outside.

37. Getting a manicure or pedicure for the day.

38. Receiving a package in the mail.

39. Making love with someone you care about. Definitely a great stress-reliever, very fun, and one way to be intimate with your significant other.

40. Changing your hair style or look in general just to try something different. This can be really fun, especially when the new look really suits you and your personality.

41. Having a LAN party with a bunch of friends. You combine all the best things in one situation, friends, socializing, competition, staying up very late, junk food, and computers.

42. Going on a fun and exciting amusement park ride.

43. Visiting a museum. Viewing paintings from great artists, sculptures, pieces of history, and many other great works of art is always enjoyable especially when that museum in particular has a great exhibit. A factor for some people in finding a life of meaning is through artwork created by others.

44. Having a movie truly make an emotional impact on you.

45. Trying a different type of food that you thought might taste not so good, and giving it a chance, and in the end really enjoying it.

46. Relaxing in a sauna or spending some time in a Jacuzzi can be pretty relaxing.

47. Visiting the park can be fun and relaxing no matter if you go to jog, walk your dog, catch up with friends, play sports, or just lay out on the grass and read a book.

48. Taking a drive and going anywhere. Seriously, go with a couple of friends and just drive somewhere different and new. This place doesn’t have to be far at all, but sometimes it is nice to just get out of town for a little bit.

49. Telling a funny joke that people laugh or chuckle at. Making people laugh is always fun, and laughing at something someone says or does is also fun. Either way laughter is a good thing, and definitely something that will improve your mood and always make you feel better.

50. Exploring a city by yourself or with a close friend on foot. Do not take the metro, taxi, or anything else, just go at it on foot.

51. Day dreaming. Well dreams are not always reserved for the night right? If you are the imaginative type then day dreaming can really be relaxing, and can be good if you need to give your mind a break. Just try not to do it excessively otherwise this may conflict with things that need to be done throughout the day, and remember to focus on positive thoughts.

52. Going outdoors, on a sunny warm day for a little bit. Getting sunlight not only feels really great, but also helps improve the mood and is soothing. So if you are stuck in the house feeling sad, then go outside and catch some sun rays.

53. Traveling to other places near or far. Seriously the experience of encountering a completely different culture, capturing the various beauties of multiple places, trying different cuisine, seeing new sights and places, and meeting new people is really a great mood improvement. Sometimes the monotony of life really catches up, and a little vacation can really help.

54. Going to the library and getting some quiet time there. Being able to browse the wide assortment of books at the library is also really fun, and knowing that you can check them out for free and delve into the many worlds and information that books have to offer.

55. Receiving snail mail. With the availability of e-mail and cell phones it is almost surprising when you receive a handwritten letter from someone that is sent to you in the mail. Receiving a letter always feels nice, and sometimes it is fun to surprise someone with one as well.

56. Watching a victory from some of your favorite sports teams.

57. Appreciating the taste of a spectacular wine.

58. The feeling when the weekend comes and you get to just relax and have some fun.

59. Finding money on the ground!

60. Doing housework with background music that you love.

61. Having time for yourself or just turning off the phone for a bit, e-mail, social networking site, etc. Just taking a break from all those unnecessary distractions is sometimes all you need.

62. Building a snowman with friends or family.

63. Having ice cream on a really hot day.

64. Smelling something or hearing a song that brings back good old memories.

65. The feeling when you wake up after a good rest.

66. Riding on a motorcycle.

67. Buying new computer parts and building them afterwards.

68. Going to the spa and getting a massage, facial, or some type of bodily treatment and just getting some me time in.

69. Having fun and playing with one of your pets.

70. Taking a jog whether it is during the crisp early morning hours or late at night.

71. Rescuing an animal that needs your help.

72. Visiting an animal shelter and adopting a dog in need of a home.

73. Receiving a long awaited game and playing it for the first few times, and really enjoying it.

74. Having a snowball fight with family and friends.

75. Remembering things that you succeeded at during your life even when you felt that those things were not possible. When you think about it, many things may seem impossible at this given moment, but just like other things in the past, anything unexpected could happen and prove you wrong.

76. Suddenly having a very creative idea. What is even better is if you try to implement that idea in some way. Thinking of something unique is always something you should be proud about.

77. Attending a fundraiser that helps or supports someone.

78. Telling someone that you are sorry. Sometimes the best feeling comes when you admit your mistakes and genuinely apologize for prior actions. It may be a long process for the other person to forgive you but saying you are sorry is a good first step to that process.

79. Writing a letter to express your feelings. Whether this is a letter confessing your love or a letter expressing your anger for someone, sometimes writing your thoughts can help relieve emotional stress. Depending on your feelings and the context of the situation, you may want to consider sending that letter to the person you wrote it for.

80. Volunteering at a soup kitchen.

81. Having your favorite cold beverage on a hot day.

82. Being able to pay your bills consistently.

83. Lending a hand to help someone mow their lawn, clean out their garage, move, walk their dogs, or help tutor their child in a challenging subject. The list doesn’t stop there! 🙂

84. Having a day where everything goes right. Rare to happen for most people but still wonderful nonetheless when it does happen.

85. Hearing someone say you are beautiful or complimenting you in some way. A compliment lasts a long time and usually people can remember the compliments people have given them over time.

86. Encouraging someone to follow their dreams. If possible even helping that person make that dream a reality.

87. Buying a new car!

88. Become more environmentally friendly. Being “greener” can sometimes help you feel better about your own personal impact on the world.

89. Recognizing what makes you unique! You can be introverted, a party animal, cooking master, love quilting or whomever. Either way there is something that makes you unique. Recognize that and love it!

90. Try to recognize something beautiful and good that happened today.

91. Eat something healthy and good for you. Eating well can really improve your mood.

92. Go clean or fix something that is on your todo list. It’s easy to forget to do the chores. Today go out and get your living space a little more cleaned up.

93. Laugh! Enjoy life and share in a good laugh with someone. You’ll feel better already.

94. Try to quit a bad habit that bothers you. Whether that’s a drug addiction, alcohol, eating badly, spending too much time on the Internet or not smiling enough, there is no better time than today to start quitting that habit.

95. Finding a cool and exotic restaurant to try and eat at.

96. Take a risk! Many things that are wonderful require taking a risk. Some of the most meaningful experiences such as falling in love, seeing another continent, or changing the community involving taking risks. Start small or try something big. Taking risks is another way to find happiness and improvement in your life.

97. Remember how lucky you are. Each of us is blessed with something different. One person may have good friends, people who admire you, another a career that reaps in money, or you may have found the love of your life. Remember that you are lucky in some way.

98. Learn from mistakes and pain. Fortunately we have the capability to learn from past experiences and avoid things that are bad for us. If there’s something you should not be doing, then try and keep that in mind and work on avoiding those mistakes.

99. Age is nothing but a number. Different parts of our lives have different transformations. One of the joys in life is to grow and change. Live each year as best as you can and view each year as a different chapter of your life.

100. Let go of jealously. Your life is your life. Focus on improving your own life and wasting less time on being jealous of others. As you let that jealousy go, you will find more inner peace and happiness in your own life.

101. Have a conversation with a stranger. Doesn’t matter how or where you meet but be open minded and be ready to share a good conversation.

102. Take a day and just sleep in as long as you like.

103. Go out and watch a movie. Remember to grab some popcorn too.

104. Visit one of your favorite amusement parks.

105. Share your positive experiences with others. Reminiscing with others and sharing fun stories usually can make you and others realize some positives about life.

106. The smell of coffee in the morning.

107. Listening to relaxing and good music on a warm day.