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Trying Something Different – How To Be Confident In Your Changes

Follow @joyfulmeanings You have probably heard someone say at least once, “it’s time for a change”. People say this statement about career moves, lifestyle changes, personality changes (i.e. going to counseling, working on your commitment phobia), changes with how you perform a routine (i.e. eating better or being more productive) or any type of area [...]

The Joys of Hiking

Follow @joyfulmeanings   Hiking is typically a lengthy walk through the countryside and can be challenging or easy. People can do hikes on a beach, mountainous terrains, on the rim or through canyons, in the desert, or even just around your home area. From a young age, I have always loved hiking. I used to [...]

How To Accept Your Body

Follow @joyfulmeanings The media often shows images of what is beautiful. Imagine how confusing and frustrating this can be since everyone has different bodies and faces. As a teenager, I spent far more time being focused on how I look and beauty in general. I would try styling my hair in all sorts of ways, [...]

Be Healthy!

Follow @joyfulmeanings Having poor health can make you feel very unhappy. Learn to eat better and to incorporate exercise into your daily health. Taking proper steps at eating better and getting adequate exercise can do wonders to your mood. It can also help lessen the chance of illnesses in the future. If you feel overweight [...]