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View The Beauty of Others

Follow @joyfulmeanings Everyone sees the world through their own lens. Many of us see people around us and have a thin line between people we like and people we don’t like. You have a poor first impression of someone and suddenly they are someone you dislike, for no reason, other than just an encounter that [...]

Lower Your Expectations of Others

Follow @joyfulmeanings Life can be tough and people around us can add to that frustration. Some of us navigate through life, just constantly disappointed with the people we share our life with. Everyone should have expectations but sometimes our expectations are much higher than they should be. This can cause problems with our own personal [...]

Provide Unconditional Kindness

Follow @joyfulmeanings Many do not realize how conditional our kindness can be until someone challenges our kindness or makes a mistake. Some of us may be perfectly kind to someone for years but once they make a mistake, we resort to being unkind. Others are kind, hoping to receive something back for that kindness. James [...]