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How to Maintain Your Friendships

Follow @joyfulmeanings Are you someone who has a hard time maintaining friendships? Do you have a work schedule where it’s tough to see people on weekends or find time during the day to chat with friends? Do you have children, and have slowly begun to lose what were very important friendships? Have you just moved [...]

How To Stop Lying

Follow @joyfulmeanings Almost all of us have told a lie during some occasion in our life. Many of these lies might be seemingly harmless such as telling your best friend that her new haircut is cute, even though you feel the haircut makes her face look really fat. Another harmless lie might be telling your [...]

How To Be Loyal

Follow @joyfulmeanings Loyalty is a positive trait that is sometimes necessary for strengthening relationships amongst friends, family or coworkers. Some people may not be loyal to themselves, others or to anything for that matter. Lack of loyalty can allow people to mislabel you as selfish or someone who is completely unreliable. Others do have the [...]