76 Positive Affirmations For Work

Grand CanyonStay positive! This phrase is very overused and you have probably heard this phrase spoken to you countless of times. Staying positive is great advice but unfortunately knowing how to stay positive can be tough to understand and put into daily practice. Where can you begin in the pursuit of changing your mindset?

First you need to understand the strong power of a negative mindset. When you accustom your mind to listen to negative and self-defeating thoughts, your actions are negatively impacted as a result. Let’s say that you have always wanted to pursue a career that you find interesting but is tough to break into and requires hard work, perseverance and possibly even doing higher education. The thoughts your mind is accustomed to are negative thoughts such as “I will fail”, “I’m not good enough”, “I will work hard but I will reap very little for my efforts” or “What’s the point? I should have done this years ago.”

As a result, your actions will align with your negative beliefs. It will be hard to start even trying to get a new career. You might try, but only put in a minimal effort because you have trained yourself to believe that you cannot succeed so what is the point. Opportunities might be in front of you but instead of reaching out for them, you avoid them out of fear. There will be regret in your life, not only from not pursuing this years ago but also today. You might even try to expend your energy on other career pursuits that feel easy, attainable and don’t tap your potential because you feel that this is the best you can do.

When you are satisfied with your job, you still might tackle negative self-thoughts. You might have a difficult time saying no and end up working long hours and getting burnt out by taking on too much unnecessary work. There might be too many days where you feel a lack of energy, enthusiasm and find it very tough to get yourself to work. Prepping your mind for success at your job can give you the boost you need to get through the work week.

When your change your negative beliefs, into positive thoughts, you begin transforming yourself. As you embrace positive thinking, your actions start to match up. You realize that your potential has not nearly been reached, you take clear actions to pursue a new career, you do the hard work, you embrace all aspects of achieving your dream. You go to work with a better outlook and knowing that you will do great work today.

Positive thinking doesn’t mean the negative thinking goes away completely. However, when a negative thought influences your mind, you will win the battle! Positivity will win because you have trained your mind to focus on the positive rather than the negative. Below are positive affirmations for work. Say these affirmations to yourself with conviction and strength and use repetition. When you get into the habit of repeatedly saying these positive affirmations you train your brain for positive thinking. The best way for these affirmations to stick is to speak them using the present tense and to say them repeatedly throughout the day.

Remember, that positive affirmations should never feel like you are lying to yourself. It’s okay if you initially feel doubt, but remember you don’t need to say anything that sounds false. For instance, if you know you have been lazy at work and not being productive at all, then saying affirmations like, “I am a productive worker” will feel like a lie. Instead say phrases such as, “I will be productive today” or “I am not a lazy worker because I can choose to work hard today.” Positive affirmations may be uncomfortable at first, but keep making the affirmation part of your daily habits and you will start to notice how your mind easily accepts positive thinking.

  1. I am in control of my thoughts, beliefs and actions.


  1. I am in control of my career success.


  1. Happiness is a choice.


  1. I understand that positivity opens new doors of opportunity for me.


  1. I am worthy of success.


  1. I am enthusiastic in all situations.


  1. I am not the best version of myself yet.


  1. I will persist when I encounter an obstacle.


  1. I am a born entrepreneur.


  1. I accept myself with love and compassion.


  1. All the solutions are within me.


  1. I am open to constructive criticism and seek improvement.


  1. I will find a new way to think about this situation.


  1. I am valuable at my job.


  1. I am capable of leading projects.


  1. I am not defined by my failures or mistakes.


  1. I provide guidance at work by training juniors and helping them achieve their potential.


  1. All the qualities for success are within me.


  1. I have integrity and my work reflects my honesty and that I will always do the right thing.


  1. I am doing my best right now.


  1. I will stand up for myself when I need to.


  1. I do worthwhile, valuable and fulfilling work.


  1. I work hard and I play hard.


  1. My career gives me complete job satisfaction.


  1. I will embrace positive work habits.


  1. My career is important to me and I will pursue what I want.


  1. I identify and grasp opportunities when they become apparent.


  1. I bring something unique to my workplace.


  1. My mistakes do not determine my success at the workplace.


  1. I allow myself to say no when I need to.


  1. I contain new, creative and fantastic ideas.


  1. What I do at work does matter.


  1. I look forward to going to work today.


  1. I have not unlocked my potential.


  1. I make positive choices at work.


  1. I will stand up for myself and others when I need to.


  1. I encourage myself and others to grow and succeed.


  1. I am delighted when other people succeed.


  1. I balance my work life with my personal life well. I take care of my own needs when I need to.


  1. I am a positive influence to the people around me.


  1. I deserve to be compensated well at my job.


  1. If I keep doing the work and keep moving forward then I will get to where I want to be.


  1. I am not stuck. I am in complete control of moving forward.


  1. I will improve with repetition and perseverance.


  1. I can and will learn new skills.


  1. I embrace new technology that will make me work better.


  1. I am indestructible.


  1. I can change the world with what I do at work.


  1. I can and do take breaks when I feel overwhelmed with work.


  1. I have a great relationship with my co-workers.


  1. I love my company’s culture.


  1. My work provides me with money so that I can provide for myself and my family.


  1. I give my best in everything I do.


  1. I am excited by where my career will go.


  1. I am up and ready to conquer the day.


  1. I will make this day count.


  1. I can define my job, instead of letting my job define me.


  1. My dream career is in my grasp.


  1. I can change my career right now, if I want to.


  1. When something needs to be done, then I can do it.


  1. I can work my way up at my job.


  1. I grow every day at work.


  1. I keep an open perspective when listening to the thoughts and opinions of others.


  1. My job provides with amazing benefits.


  1. I eat nutritious and healthy lunches at work.


  1. I know I can do anything when I try my hardest.


  1. I will take action in spite of fear.


  1. I am proactive.


  1. I have a team of great workers.


  1. My job contributes to my financial well-being.


  1. I work smart!


  1. There are possibilities for movement in my job.


  1. My clients appreciate my work.


  1. I allow myself to relax during my lunch break.


  1. I am rewarded when I do great work.


  1. I am a success!

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