500 Things To Be Happy About

Hiking in Simi ValleyThere are many things in the world that can make us feel happy. The world is a big and beautiful place full of wonderful things, gorgeous wildlife and amazing people who do amazing things. This list is meant to help remind you of all the beautiful things in the world and help you sit back and appreciate the little and big things in your life. I’m committed to making a list of thousands of things in the world that can make us happy. Many of the things that make me happy are from my own personal experiences traveling around the world, living overseas and remembering the wonderful things from my home. I’ve also added some experiences that make my loved ones happy. There are good things in life no matter what you are going through right now. Hopefully the list helps you smile, laugh and remind you of something that makes you feel good and happy about life.

I’d also encourage you to make your own list of things to be happy about! You will realize that there are wonderful things happening all around you if you just stop and take note of them. Try to make this a daily habit and you will quickly appreciate all the wonderful things in your own life to be happy about.

  1. A cool day after a series of hot days.
  2. Enjoying a hot chocolate or warm cookie on a cold day.
  3. Receiving a message from someone.
  4. The first day of snow.
  5. Receiving a hug.
  6. Someone holding open the elevator door for you.
  7. When your coworkers or colleagues decide to surprise the office with delicious treats in the morning or afternoon lunch.
  8. Birthday cake.
  9. That feeling when you finally begin to grasp a language.
  10. Playing volleyball at the beach.
  11. Catching a fish.
  12. That feeling when someone you still think of occasionally, randomly gives you a call or sends you a message.
  13. The feeling of a cool or warm shower after a sweaty workout or humid day.
  14. Making snow angels.
  15. Playing games with Kenyan children in the slums.
  16. The first day you ever saw snow. I’m Californian and my first experience ever seeing snow was when I moved to New York for my undergrad. I’ll never forget the moment I first saw falling snow in early November. It was absolutely breathtaking.
  17. Hosting a murder mystery party for your friends.
  18. Having nice a conversation with a stranger you meet during your regular commute.
  19. When someone notices you drop something and runs up to you to return the object to you. Bonus points if the item you dropped was money.
  20. Finding a genre of music, you will end up loving for the first time.
  21. Getting 100% on an assignment.
  22. Treating yourself to a smoothie or milkshake on a hot day.
  23. When someone compliments you on your new hairstyle.
  24. Going wine tasting with your partner or friends.
  25. Being bad at bowling or a similar sport for years and randomly getting all the pinballs down.
  26. When someone uses your name in a conversation. I rarely hear my name in conversation so it feels pleasant to hear my name mentioned in conversation.
  27. When the sequel of a movie is better than the original.
  28. Cooking something that your loved ones find delicious.
  29. Seeing a seed that you planted begin to grow.
  30. Taking your dog for a walk.
  31. The feeling of a cool breeze on a hot day.
  32. Watching your pets peacefully sleeping.
  33. Receiving a surprise gift or treat from your partner.
  34. Sharing stories with loved ones about a friend or family member who has passed away. A great way to cope with the death of someone you love is by sharing stories with others.
  35. Receiving a massage from a loved one.
  36. Payday
  37. Having your boss notice when you are doing something above and beyond your job role such as taking on a new project or working a bit late today.
  38. The day you are doing inspections for buying or renting a house or apartment and you find your home in the process.
  39. Acknowledging that you are enough. Realizing that you are wonderful and perfect the way that you are.
  40. Sleeping in during the weekend.
  41. Warm apple pie paired with ice cream.
  42. Nostalgia of a time you almost forgot about but still cherish.
  43. Learning something new about someone that makes you them much closer with them.
  44. The sound of popcorn popping.
  45. Reaching a personal best when running.
  46. When someone says, “thank you”.
  47. Reading a book on a rainy day.
  48. Rolling down the windows on the drive home.
  49. Wearing clothes that make you look even better.
  50. When someone notices a new haircut or hair style.
  51. Hearing a song you used to love years ago.
  52. Funny coincidences that make you and your loved ones laugh.
  53. Laughing till you cry.
  54. Having breakfast for dinner.
  55. The window seat on the airplane, train or bus.
  56. When all the lights are green when you are driving.
  57. Seeing an exotic bird in your home that you never noticed before.
  58. Making someone laugh with a joke you told.
  59. Understanding that having a choice in anything you do is a blessing.
  60. That feeling when you finally learn to play an instrument well.
  61. Reading the last few chapters of an amazing book.
  62. Trying something new that you weren’t looking forward to and ending up loving the whole experience.
  63. The way the sunlight shines through the trees.
  64. Playing games with your friends.
  65. When you seize the moment.
  66. Seeing your children having fun with your partner.
  67. Taking time each morning to appreciate all the great things in your life.
  68. Drinking tea or something warm when you have a sore throat.
  69. Seeing an old friend after many months or years have passed.
  70. Exchanging a genuine smile with someone.
  71. Eating your favorite dessert.
  72. Learning how to make a meal that your parents used to make you and the result coming out great.
  73. That feeling when a plane ascends and descends.
  74. Having cereal for dinner.
  75. Enjoying a barbeque with friends.
  76. Second chances.
  77. Finding a great parking spot.
  78. Seeing a hilarious license plate.
  79. Backyard cricket.
  80. Pushing yourself to do something when you feel unmotivated.
  81. Falling in love.
  82. Seeing lightning in the distance.
  83. Discovering something new about your ancestry.
  84. Basket weaving.
  85. Playing the guitar.
  86. Hand washing your clothes.
  87. Exercising hard and feeling that endorphin rush.
  88. Receiving a promotion at work.
  89. Having trust that things will get better.
  90. Sharing your knowledge on a subject.
  91. Watching a caterpillar turn into a butterfly.
  92. Making a new friend.
  93. Adding hot sauce to foods.
  94. Getting the whole crowd singing during karaoke.
  95. Trivia night.
  96. Supporting your friend’s local business. I just recently bought organic kombucha from a few friends who are starting their own business in Sydney.
  97. Listening to someone tell a story that clearly makes them happy about life.
  98. Lifting weights to get the blood pumping.
  99. Making an amazing meal from ingredients leftover in the fridge. Instead of quickly going to the grocery store, you do your best with what you have left in the fridge and end up making something delicious.
  100. Free samples of food.
  101. Seeing an animal in the wild.
  102. Doughnuts
  103. When the baby doesn’t cry on the plane.
  104. Making someone smile.
  105. Having a fridge full of beer or cider.
  106. Public holidays.
  107. A little honey in your tea.
  108. Discovering sea shells at the beach.
  109. The sound of the rain as you fall asleep.
  110. Watching the sunset.
  111. Having your breakfast delivered to you in bed.
  112. Lawn bowls.
  113. Waking up to gentle sunlight in your bedroom.
  114. Brunch
  115. Treating yourself to a fancy dinner at a nice restaurant.
  116. Taking a walk in the early morning or evening.
  117. The feeling when your hair is gently brushed.
  118. Wearing clothes just done from drying.
  119. Ordering take away.
  120. Receiving a kind comment on your blog.
  121. Making a cake for your colleague’s birthday. The look of surprise and joy is well worth the effort.
  122. When you write a chapter in a book.
  123. When you achieve something, you have been struggling so hard to work for.
  124. Looking at the night sky and admiring the moon and stars.
  125. Feeling mist from a waterfall or ocean.
  126. Riding a rollercoaster.
  127. Photos of baby animals.
  128. Watching an epic sports game.
  129. The smell of cookies and pies during the holiday season.
  130. A first date that is going great.
  131. Watching squirrels play on the trees.
  132. Having a loved one waiting for you when your train or plane arrives.
  133. Proving yourself wrong.
  134. Singing in the car.
  135. Sharing something from your homeland with someone who has never tried it before.
  136. Dancing.
  137. Lying out in the sun, preferably at the beach.
  138. Having an amazing dream and remembering it in the morning.
  139. The feeling of sand between your toes.
  140. Your first kiss with the one you love.
  141. When a remake of a movie is better than the original.
  142. Holding hands with someone you care about.
  143. Hearing lovely music played from a neighbour flowing through your home.
  144. That feeling when you have a great conversation with your parents.
  145. Starting your morning by laughing with your family and loved ones.
  146. Slippery floors.
  147. Listening to the waves of the ocean.
  148. Admiring a snowflake.
  149. Taking a long hike in the mountains.
  150. Going on a road trip with your friends or family.
  151. Having someone truly believe you can accomplish something.
  152. Discovering something new in your hometown that you never knew about before.
  153. That feeling when you just barely caught the bus or train.
  154. Silence.
  155. The smell of scented candles in your home.
  156. Using the oven in Winter. I love the way that the oven can heat up your home.
  157. Thunderstorms after a hot day.
  158. Decorating for the holidays.
  159. Seeing a rainbow.
  160. When people remember the little details about you.
  161. Using a public toilet and realizing that it was just cleaned.
  162. Binge watching an amazing TV show.
  163. Noticing how the leaves on the trees are changing colors during Fall.
  164. That feeling of cracking your back or another part of your body.
  165. The dog greeting you when you return home.
  166. Snuggling your cat.
  167. Being talented at something someone else wants to be talented at.
  168. Singing in the shower.
  169. Sleeping in your own bed after a holiday.
  170. Having a parrot or large bird stand on your head or arm.
  171. Looking through old pictures from years ago.
  172. Daydreaming.
  173. Getting better over time.
  174. Listening to your partner’s adorable laugh.
  175. Finding money unexpectedly in your purse, pockets or other areas in your home.
  176. Shouting out as loud as possible.
  177. Seeing your food arrive at a restaurant.
  178. Spending the day with your nieces and nephews.
  179. Rose gardens.
  180. Working on a do it yourself project.
  181. Cookies warm out of the oven.
  182. Coding for hours.
  183. Finding money on the ground.
  184. Doing something kind for another person.
  185. Buying your partner flowers.
  186. Appreciating how much someone means to you.
  187. Playing board games with your loved ones.
  188. Paying off a bill.
  189. When you forgive someone for hurting you.
  190. Finding closure.
  191. The smell of wet soil.
  192. Choosing to purchase an item that donates some or all of their profits to a charity.
  193. Watching the sunrise.
  194. Realizing that even as you get older, you can still be young at heart.
  195. There is someone in the world who loves you completely.
  196. Gaining an hour of sleep due to a time change.
  197. Being alive.
  198. Treating yourself to an ice cream or gelato on a hot day.
  199. Having a good time with someone without needing to say much.
  200. Having someone offer their seat to you on a bus or train.
  201. Driving on the highway.
  202. Waking up in the middle of the night and realizing that you still have hours to go before you need to wake up for work.
  203. Sitting by the fireplace during a cold day.
  204. Finding a song that you love so much that you have to listen to it repeatedly.
  205. When you are just about to purchase something and then discover you have a coupon so you make that purchase even cheaper.
  206. Fresh bed sheets.
  207. Receiving a compliment from someone.
  208. Someone offering you a ride when you really need one and were a bit nervous about asking. I remember once a classmate offered to drive me to work during snowing weather. At the time, I didn’t have a car and the person who usually gave me a ride wasn’t available. The kind gesture of my classmate offering me that ride stuck with me years later.
  209. Helping to rebuild a house in a village that was damaged from a fire.
  210. Being cuddled by your partner.
  211. The feeling you have when you realize that you have improved as a person.
  212. Watching chickens run around on a farm.
  213. Having pizza for breakfast.
  214. When the baby sleeps through the night.
  215. Visiting a planetarium.
  216. Learning about personal finance.
  217. Returning home after many years away.
  218. Rain after a long drought.
  219. Studying a subject you love.
  220. Seeing crabs hiding near rocks around the ocean.
  221. Learning something new about science.
  222. Shopping in thrift stores.
  223. Going to Saturday or Sunday markets.
  224. Being wrapped in blankets during a cold day.
  225. Free pancake day.
  226. Hearing an inspirational person speak.
  227. Seeing a shooting star.
  228. Going to sleep earlier than usual and sleeping throughout the night and waking up to your alarm.
  229. Those moments when you are listening to a stranger speak on the train and are finding their conversations amusing. These people generally don’t know you are listening to them but overhearing their conversations can be funny.
  230. Taking a shower after a workout.
  231. Singing hakuna matata.
  232. Having warm homemade brownies.
  233. Making gnocchi from scratch. For anyone who hasn’t tried making gnocchi before, it’s much easier than you think.
  234. Pumpkin picking.
  235. Trampolines.
  236. Playing super smash brothers with your friends.
  237. Tide pools.
  238. Looking at elaborate Christmas lights during the holiday season.
  239. A cup of warm soup on a cold day.
  240. Drying yourself off with a warm towel straight out of the dryer.
  241. Eating a piece of candy that you love.
  242. Seeing the first flowers bloom during Spring.
  243. Freebies from restaurants.
  244. Finding out you won something.
  245. That feeling when you put on warm clothes when it’s freezing inside.
  246. Listening to music you love loudly on the speakers or via earphones.
  247. The smell of books.
  248. Realizing that you don’t let people get you down anymore.
  249. Your children excited to see you when you get home.
  250. Taking off your shoes and socks after a long day.
  251. Remembering that you still have your favorite snack in the cupboard.
  252. Donating to a good cause.
  253. Feeling encouraged by a personal trainer.
  254. Being amazed by the gentleness of cows in India.
  255. Sitting or laying down in green grass.
  256. Sitting in the sun during a cold Winter or Autumn day.
  257. Receiving a package in the mail.
  258. When someone follows through on a promise.
  259. Reading about history and being amazed at how far we have progressed in humanity.
  260. Exploring an old bookstore filled with used books.
  261. Watching your children learn how to walk.
  262. Exploring abandoned buildings.
  263. When your crush sends you a message first.
  264. Sharing your faith with others.
  265. Visiting a new country.
  266. The feeling of being on a boat.
  267. When for a one day or a moment, everything goes according to plan and works out perfectly.
  268. Reading a handwritten letter.
  269. Going to the dog park with your pet.
  270. Exercise.
  271. Painting and getting in touch with your artistic side.
  272. Viewing a piece of art that you find quite moving.
  273. Meditation.
  274. When the bus comes on time.
  275. Hearing your echo.
  276. Making homemade pizza with your family.
  277. Watching the clouds go by.
  278. Fridays.
  279. The smell of a new or clean car.
  280. The feeling of someone stroking your back with their fingers.
  281. Taking a nap.
  282. Knowing that you did your best today.
  283. Looking at the time and realizing it is your favorite number. For me, my favorite number is 333 so I always feel a little happy whenever it’s 3:33pm.
  284. Someone opening up the door for you.
  285. A fresh shave.
  286. Recycling.
  287. The luxury of eating an occasional large meal.
  288. Taking a train across the border of a state or country.
  289. Helping at a soup kitchen for the day.
  290. Bringing in food that a soup kitchen doesn’t often receive. Last year I baked chocolate cakes for a soup kitchen. The homeless people typically didn’t receive items such as cake, so bringing in cake was a delicious treat. My mother also used to donate hamburgers to soup kitchens which really brightened up the people’s day since they rarely ever ate delicious burgers.
  291. Blowing bubbles.
  292. Chilling in the Jacuzzi.
  293. Being buried in the sand at the beach.
  294. Taking a coastal walk.
  295. Getting a foot rub.
  296. Going into ocean water and it’s cold on a very hot day.
  297. Going on a group trip with your friends.
  298. Feeling alive when you wake up in the morning.
  299. Visiting an elephant sanctuary.
  300. Playing laser tag.
  301. Reading a poem that resonates with you.
  302. Discovering old and cherished photos on an external hard drive.
  303. Taking control of yourself.
  304. Taking a trip down memory lane.
  305. Going to a concert and seeing an artist you love live.
  306. Building your own web app.
  307. Staying in a bed and breakfast.
  308. Receiving a surprise gift from work.
  309. The smell of freshly baked bread.
  310. Watching videos on YouTube.
  311. Surprising yourself with your courage and strength.
  312. Doing an overnight camping trip.
  313. Seeing elderly couples who look happy together.
  314. The sounds of Autumn leave crunching as you walk over them.
  315. Receiving an adorable or funny meme from your loved ones.
  316. Taking your clothes off after a long day.
  317. Taking a risk in your life and seeing positive results because of it.
  318. Getting freebies for your birthday from various companies.
  319. Seeing wild turkeys on a hike.
  320. Going to haunted theme parks.
  321. Listening to your child tell you about her day.
  322. Laughing at the funny ways people from different areas with varying accents pronounce a word that you commonly use.
  323. Drawing on the frost that accumulates on the window.
  324. Discovering local farms where you can buy free-range eggs and meat.
  325. The first day after not being sick.
  326. Understanding someone else’s perspective.
  327. The first time you hear someone tell you that they love you.
  328. Redeeming rewards.
  329. Those moments when your crush smiles at you.
  330. Realizing your clothes are perfectly dry after leaving them to hang outside for the afternoon.
  331. Cycling.
  332. Riding a motorcycle.
  333. Iced tea.
  334. Watching frogs and tadpoles swimming in a pond.
  335. Listening to crickets chirping in the night.
  336. Watching a bird hatch from an egg.
  337. Swinging on the swings in the playground.
  338. Feeding ducks and geese with old bread.
  339. Writing in your journal.
  340. Realizing all the things you have in common with your parents, particularly all the odd quirks. I’ve noticed several years ago that I routinely love to have tea in the morning just like my Mom.
  341. Holiday music.
  342. Reading an inspirational quote.
  343. Fountains.
  344. Making sand castles with your loved ones.
  345. Taking the peels off an orange.
  346. Riding a horse.
  347. Viewing a lighthouse.
  348. Wiping down your kitchen counter.
  349. When a stranger offers to help you change your tires.
  350. When you think you have lost something and give up looking for it, and then find it sometime in the next few days.
  351. Helping to rescue a wild animal and taking it to a rescue center where the animal can get the help it needs.
  352. Donating your old clothes to charity.
  353. Receiving kind client feedback.
  354. Having a picnic by the beach.
  355. That feeling of being sleepy after spending all day at the beach.
  356. Discovering a new burger place that you love.
  357. Getting free drinks from your friends or colleagues.
  358. Taking your dog to the pet store and watching how excited they get by everything around them.
  359. Sitting on the porch and watching nature.
  360. Asking your partner about her day.
  361. Finding a cool recipe while browsing through a magazine or blog.
  362. Driving the pacific coastal highway in California.
  363. Building my own computer.
  364. Moisturizing my face and feeling clean and fresh afterwards.
  365. Taking time to appreciate the beauty around me.
  366. Making a contribution by the things that you do.
  367. Taking time to stretch everyday.
  368. Canyoning.
  369. Conquering a phobia.
  370. Trying new foods.
  371. Reading reviews of products.
  372. Eating something sweet and then drinking a cold milkshake.
  373. Getting a facial.
  374. Taking a cooking class.
  375. Reading manga.
  376. Going outside and feeling the sun on your face.
  377. Tutoring someone and helping them learn something new.
  378. Trying to crack open a coconut that has fallen from a tree. The sensation of drinking the warm coconut milk afterwards.
  379. Late night dinners.
  380. Yoga.
  381. Seeing a dragonfly.
  382. Playing math or English games with children.
  383. Receiving a full body massage.
  384. Teaching yourself to code.
  385. Jumping into a lake.
  386. Discovering a nest full of eggs.
  387. Sponsoring a child and helping to give them an education and daily meals.
  388. Leaving work early.
  389. Playing music in the morning when getting ready for work.
  390. Drinking anything else but wine out of wine glasses.
  391. Having a beer or cider during your lunch break.
  392. Waking up to my boyfriend each morning.
  393. Watching old Disney movies.
  394. Spending quality time with my siblings.
  395. Waking up early and feeling energized.
  396. Going to work and forgetting that it’s Friday. That feeling when you realize it’s the weekend is wonderful.
  397. Build a snowman.
  398. That feeling when someone donates to your fundraiser.
  399. Having a productive day and feeling accomplished by the time you go to sleep.
  400. Going to the bathroom when you have been holding it in for awhile.
  401. That feeling when you finally pay off a debt.
  402. Cooking with the kids.
  403. Churros.
  404. Taking the train.
  405. Waking up with birds singing.
  406. Botanical gardens.
  407. Chasing butterflies as a child.
  408. When it’s very cold and you can see your breath as you talk or breathe.
  409. Swimming in a pool.
  410. Enjoying a nice can of soda on a hot day.
  411. Realizing that you already have everything you need.
  412. Stepping into the shower when it’s the perfect temperature.
  413. Getting a full night’s rest.
  414. That feeling when you push yourself to exercise when you really didn’t want to.
  415. Making time to play games.
  416. Feeding the stray cats around your area.
  417. Going on a brisk walk.
  418. Getting a spa treatment.
  419. Playing games from your childhood.
  420. Appreciating that you have a great job which provides you with financial stability.
  421. Using Skype or similar web applications to keep in touch with loved ones living far away.
  422. Almond milk.
  423. Counting down to the next holiday.
  424. Completing your Ikea builds.
  425. Bar mitzvahs or bat mitzvahs.
  426. Completing an item off your bucket list.
  427. Going to a dress up party.
  428. Descending an elevator from the top floor and having it never stop for any other floors while you get to your destination.
  429. Creating your own website.
  430. Receiving a gift that you never expected.
  431. Exploring a museum.
  432. Receiving a heartfelt apology.
  433. Campfires.
  434. Skiing down a slope.
  435. The feeling of grass between your toes.
  436. Fresh air.
  437. Driving on a dirt road.
  438. Teaching your little sister how to bake something you love.
  439. Watching the light create rainbows on the walls.
  440. Taking a tour through a cave and seeing crystals and other beautiful things in the caverns.
  441. Receiving a thoughtful card from a friend.
  442. Taking photos with your loved ones in a photo booth.
  443. Having a stranger take the time to give you directions.
  444. Spinning around in an office chair.
  445. When it stops raining just as you leave home.
  446. Going out to dinner.
  447. Performing at an improv comedy show and making the audience laugh.
  448. Cowboy boots.
  449. Gifts that are wrapped in newspaper.
  450. A stranger that pays for your meal or drink.
  451. Volunteering at a pet shelter.
  452. Having an epiphany.
  453. Christmas stockings hanging by fireplace.
  454. Playing Minecraft.
  455. Completing a corn maze.
  456. Singing in a choir. During high school, I absolutely loved singing in a choir. It’s a great way to make friends and there’s something uplifting about singing with a group of people.
  457. Publishing an article in a research journal.
  458. Receiving a “good morning” text message from your boyfriend in the morning.
  459. Playing with your pets.
  460. Being on a hot air balloon.
  461. Watching someone you love accomplish one of their goals.
  462. Living life by your values.
  463. Trying to make others happy.
  464. Realizing that you do deserve better than poor treatment from another person.
  465. Skateboarding.
  466. The way your pet smells after going to a groomer.
  467. Being on stage and performing in front of others.
  468. Watching horror movies and getting scared with your friends.
  469. Wearing Halloween costumes.
  470. Making friends with people from different countries and learning about their culture.
  471. When you exchange “good morning” pleasantries with a stranger walking past you.
  472. When someone is walking their dog and the dog sees you walking by and gets super excited about you walking by.
  473. Taking a long lunch break.
  474. Watching fireworks.
  475. Successfully completing an escape room.
  476. Watching anime.
  477. Taking a hot bubble bath.
  478. That feeling when something you thought would be hard, ended up being easy.
  479. Eating out for lunch.
  480. Pub crawls with friends.
  481. Attending a wedding where the couple is clearly in love and happy.
  482. Having something break down and realizing that it is still covered by the warranty.
  483. Seeing Prague Castle in the Winter with falling snow in the background.
  484. Finding pictures in the clouds.
  485. Listening to jazz music.
  486. Discovering a praying mantis in the garden.
  487. Chocolate from Switzerland.
  488. Being able to twirl a dapostar on your fingers.
  489. Quote funny movies.
  490. Watching old childhood cartoons.
  491. Practicing a foreign language that you think sounds beautiful.
  492. Snorkelling in the ocean and observing all the life in the ocean.
  493. Having conversations with children who are wise beyond their years.
  494. Looking at old pictures that you used to hate and realizing that you were beautiful all along.
  495. Free trial classes so that you can get an idea if you will like a hobby.
  496. Seeing something you did affect someone positively.
  497. Realizing what your mistake was and correcting it straight away.
  498. Being kind to someone you don’t like.
  499. Making a birthday wish.
  500. Dancing alone with nobody watching.

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