The Joys of Volunteering

I love volunteering and try to integrate that in various parts of my life. Just like many, I sometimes feel like I just don’t have enough time to volunteer, but I have found some really effective ways to volunteer my time. Much of my work is in the information technology field, so I try to find ways to devote my time towards helping organizations with IT work. Some of this work may involve helping to develop or maintain an organization’s website, performing instructional design, or helping to troubleshoot some computer problems. This would typically cost organizations quite a bit of money, but I just offer my services for free and it’s something that can be done remotely. I also love to travel, so I try and look for opportunities to volunteer while abroad. Although I may not be able to make a long term commitment, it does help with spreading awareness about a cause and many of these places need as much as they can get. Consider the joys of volunteering and ways you might be able to give back to others.

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Here are some wonderful reasons to volunteer:

  1. Participate in a cause. If you have something you are particularly passionate about then volunteering can be a great way to support that cause. You can volunteer to help support an organization you believe in or to help combat a problem you are interested in.
  2. Meet different people. Volunteering will put you into contact with people from varying backgrounds. You will have additional opportunities to meet people with similar interests and to make new friends.
  3. You can help to resolve a problem. Many organizations and causes really need the help of volunteers and so many goals could not be achieved without the assistance of volunteers. You can be part of a solution by attempting to volunteer.
  4. Volunteering allows you to have new experiences and a different perspective on things. Before volunteering, I had never really seen poverty and I had little understanding of how people living in those environments interacted. Volunteering allowed me to really understand more about different ways of living and broadened my understanding of the world.
  5. Develop new skills. Volunteering will give you opportunities to learn new skills and really develop your talents.
  6. Build a resume. If you are applying for college or graduate school, then volunteering can be a great resume builder. Volunteering can show that you are responsible, loyal to causes and organizations, can demonstrate hard work and are willing to learn new things.
  7. Have a tremendous effect on the people you work with. Whether you are being a mentor towards another or just have a skill the organization needs, you will have an influence on the organization and other volunteers.
  8. Have increased self-confidence and independence. Volunteering is a wonderful way to pursue something independently and the way you apply your skills will increase your confidence.
  9. Become more socially aware on different issues.
  10. Get outside your comfort zone. If you are seeking new experiences or want to try different things then volunteering will allow you to leave your comfort zone and do something you may have never done before.