The Joys of Hiking


Countryside of Switzerland

Hiking is typically a lengthy walk through the countryside and can be challenging or easy. People can do hikes on a beach, mountainous terrains, on the rim or through canyons, in the desert, or even just around your home area. From a young age, I have always loved hiking. I used to go hiking with my older brother and the family dog. As I got older, I branched off to doing solo hikes and hikes with friends. Many of the pictures that I post on this website are from my hiking excursions. Hiking is a very peaceful activity and for many it can really bring joy and tranquility to one’s life. Hiking is an excellent way to get exercise, enjoy beautiful scenery, challenge yourself, and just allow yourself to relax. It’s a wonderful activity that can be shared with family, friends, pet or even just by yourself.

Reasons To Hike

  1. Hiking is a great way to de-stress and escape from stressful situations in relationships or at work.
  2. It’s an exciting and fun way to exercise and challenge yourself physically.
  3. You can enjoy beautiful scenery. This is especially relaxing if you live in a metropolitan area where enjoying nice scenery is not something you encounter frequently.
  4. A fun option for walking your dog and keeping both you and the dog in shape.
  5. Hiking is a wonderful way to clear your mind and allow yourself to focus on your thoughts.
  6. Hiking is an activity that is pretty much free. Some national parks might charge you a very small fee but other than that, hiking is a cheap and free activity.
  7. Allows you the opportunity to develop your skills in navigation, survival, hunting, camping, rock climbing and other things as well.
  8. Hiking is a year round activity.

Consider going on a hike to relax and allow yourself to have time to think and discover the world around you. Remember hiking can be done in any season but take precautions and be safe. If it’s snowing then wear appropriate clothes and bring appropriate gear. For the summer months, bring along plenty of water and wear comfortable and light clothing. Also, if hiking alone, then make sure to let someone know where you will be and how long you foresee being gone.

Either way, consider hiking as an option. Hiking is a really enjoyable activity for myself and something I love doing when I’m feeling overwhelmed with life or dealing with too many things on my mind. Hiking is a great idea if you are dealing with something emotional and are just sitting at home, being consumed with those thoughts. Getting out and about and taking a hike can help clear the mind.

So if you have time and are feeling up to it, then get out and go hiking!