Daily Archives: March 20, 2012

How To Accept Your Body

The media often shows images of what is beautiful. Imagine how confusing and frustrating this can be since everyone has different bodies and faces. As a teenager, I spent far more time being focused on how I look and beauty in general. I would try styling my hair in all sorts of ways, wearing makeup, skipping meals and sometimes just feeling self-pity because I did not look like the girls shown in the media. Almost everyone feels this way at some point, both males and females. I see some guys hung up on how skinny or fat they are or girls obsessed with pant sizes and how toned they are. We all have to learn to accept our bodies. Everyone is so diverse and beauty is very subjective.

Assortment of Shells

I remember having a conversation with a few people about celebrities and who was attractive and who was not. Surprisingly, women and men who I felt were gorgeous, others felt were just alright, while I disagreed with who some of them felt were attractive. Again, it’s all subjective and everyone is beautiful in his or her own way.

  1. Try to not compare yourself. It’s simply impossible to just compare yourself to another person. We all come from different racial backgrounds, have different hair styles, facial structures, skin tones, and all sorts of things that contribute to how we look. Comparing yourself to the beautiful blonde in your class will not only make you feel bad, but is also inaccurate. You can’t really compare that person to yourself. We are all different and have unique qualities that others may not share.
  2. Find the beauty within you.  Look for the beauty inside yourself and focus on the qualities about yourself that you do find beautiful. Look in the mirror if you have to or even ask a close friend what he or she feels your best qualities are. Do you have lovely hair? Nice legs? A warming smile? A really calming voice? Are you a great listener or someone who really gets the party started? Find out what is beautiful about yourself and focus on those characteristics.
  3. Pay attention to compliments. Often people insecure about his or her looks may ignore or downplay the compliments given to them. Learn to accept those compliments. If somebody says you are pretty then accept and appreciate that compliment. If something says you have a great laugh then accept and appreciate the compliment. Taking time to appreciate compliments given will allow you to appreciate the beautiful things within yourself.
  4. Work on yourself. Take time to keep improving yourself mentally and physically. If you are unhappy with your weight then try and incorporate healthier eating patterns and proper exercise. If  you dislike your skin then spend time taking care of the health of your skin and using good treatments to improve how your skin looks and feels.
  5. Flaunt it! If you have certain qualities you love, then show it off! If you have beautiful eyes, then use makeup to make your eyes pop even more. If you love your hair then style it up, condition your hair and make sure it has excellent condition. Wear clothes that you love and feel look good on you.


Remember that you have a beauty that is unique to you. Work on recognizing that and most importantly, loving it about you. Stop comparing yourself to other people. You have your own unique qualities that are beautiful both on a physical and mental level. Flaunt it and realize how much other people value those qualities about you too.