How To Show Appreciation To Someone Special

Showing how much you appreciate someone is very important for personal relationships. We often very much appreciate the things that people do for us, but are unable to show that appreciation adequately. Many of us also know how wonderful it is to hear that someone appreciates the little things you do. You may perform an act of kindness and genuinely not expect anything in return, but receiving a sign of appreciation can make you feel really good and make you feel that the person is acknowledging the kind things you are doing. Being able to show appreciation is especially important with significant others, family members, or friends. When appreciation is not visibly shown, then confusion and misunderstanding may occur which can cause problems in your relationships. People sometimes need to know how much you appreciate their actions and just because you feel that you appreciate someone, does not mean that that person knows. I’m sure you can think of at least one instance where you did something kind for someone, and did not feel that appreciation was shown. Anyway here are some tips to get you started on trying to visibly show someone how much you appreciate their kindness to you.

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Say Thank You. A simple statement sometimes goes a long way. When somebody does something kind for you then take a second and tell them thank you. You can also be more explicit and let them know how much you appreciate their actions for you and their friendship. You can say thank you in any way you feel most comfortable. Text messages, emails, verbally or phone calls are all good ways to express your thanks to another.

Send a handwritten note, letter or card. Sending someone a handwritten message can be a great way to show your appreciation to another. Receiving handwritten letters or cards can be very meaningful and show people that you are willing to construct a nice handwritten note for them.  Handwritten letters can also be a very romantic gesture for significant others.

Spend time with them. Sometimes a great way to show your appreciation is to just set aside time for someone. There’s a friend I have had for years but we rarely see each other due to us living thousands of miles away. The best way I can show how much I appreciate her friendship is by scheduling some time to just catch up with her whenever I am in the area. It has made a world of difference for our friendship. Treat your friend to lunch or doing something fun that you both enjoy. Spending time together shows that you want to continue being part of their life and have a desire to develop your relationship further.

Return the gesture. You can also show appreciation by just returning the favor. If you have a friend who always watches your children whenever you are in rough spots, then offer her something in return for that. Think of the needs that your friend has or something he or she really likes and do something kind in return. Offer to clean the house, or watch their children one night, carpool, let them borrow something of yours or cook them one of their favorite foods.

Send a surprise gift. You can also show appreciation by giving your friend a gift. This does not need to be expensive either. Some examples could be a six pack of cold beer, a souvenir from a place you recently visited, or treating them for lunch.

Make time to listen. Show you care by doing a simple act of listening. Listening is especially great if the person tends to listen to you often and provide advice. Reciprocate that act by taking time to listen to their problems and by giving them the time they need to really express themselves.

Be positive with others. Try to take time to focus on all the kind things that people do for you. Without giving attention to positive actions, you may miss the kind things that someone does for you or not notice. You might also downplay a kind action. Take time to see the kind things others do for you, and that will make it easier for you to identify and show appreciation.

Remember, being able to show someone how much you appreciate their actions can improve your relationships, make you more aware of kind things people do for you, and allow you to better identify kind people in your life.