How To Recognize Qualities Of A Good Friendship

One of the strong desires of almost everyone is to have good friends. Good friendships are not easy to come by and sometimes we are surrounded by people who are fake or simply not good friends. Keep in mind, every friend is different than another, but recognizing some basic qualities good friends is helpful.

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Here are some quick tips to identify a good friend:

  1. Observe how your friend treats you. A friend who is disrespecting you, teasing you constantly, embarrassing you, or making you look bad is probably not a good friend. There is a difference between playful banter and being used as a source of entertainment.
  2. Do you have lower self-esteem around this person? A good friend will help build confidence and not lower your self-esteem. If the friend is not building confidence then bring this up to him or her. If this friend does not change, then they are most certainly not a good friend.
  3. Does your friend keep promises? Friends are not perfect and sometimes people make mistakes and end up not keeping a promise, but constantly breaking promises is a bad sign. A good friend is reliable and someone you can count on. You have good trust your friend will hold their end of a promise.
  4. Can you get along together as a duo team and in a group? One sign of a fake friend is someone who is only kind to you when you are both alone together. This could mean the person is embarrassed to be your friend or only hangs out with you when there is nobody else to hang out with. This is definitely something you want to stay away from.
  5. Does this friend constantly point out your flaws? Itโ€™s a normal quality for a good friend to respectfully point out some imperfections but not if it occurs frequently. A good friend hardly notices the imperfections and loves you for who you are.
  6. Does your friend ignore you? Any long periods of not talking and being ignored is a sure sign of a fake friend. It is normal for good friends to have their own space but itโ€™s not because one is ignoring the other.
  7. Does your friend get very angry when you make a mistake? Friends will always make mistakes. Being late for dinner, not always having gas money after a short road trip, or forgetting to bring something are some common mistakes that occur. If your friend gets unusually angry about these things then that is probably not a good friend.

Remember, friends make mistakes and good friends are not always perfect. Surround yourself around people who bring out the good in you, accept you for who you are and enjoy spending time with you.