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How To Wake Up Happy

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How you wake up in the morning can easily impact the rest of your day. If you consistently wake up unhappy, then it would not be surprising to find out that the remainder of your day usually turns out to be crappy. Everyone does have their off days. It’s not possible to wake up feeling refreshed and in a great mood every single day, but it is a problem is you find yourself starting an unhappy day pretty consistently. Work on starting your day refreshed and in a good mood. Keep up the pattern and enjoy the stress-free and happier attitude that results from waking up in a better mood.

Try to not have late dinners. Late dinners can cause your stomach to be upset and may even cause you to wake up at night, therefore disrupting your rest. Try to eat your dinners at a reasonable time. If you feel really hungry, then go for a small nutritious snack instead.


Make sure to have a clean room. When you wake up in a clean, organized room, your mood tends to be better. Waking up in a messy room can make you feel stressed out, and make you feel like you have to start off your day doing chores. Make sure your room is organized and clean before you sleep. Make sure to clean up any plates or glasses left from dinner that may be in your room. Pick up any randomly displaced objects from the floor. If you spill anything, then make sure to clean it up before you go to sleep.


Use the bathroom before you sleep. If you avoid using the bathroom right before you sleep, you may end up waking up throughout the night having to use the bathroom. You might also wake up a bit earlier than you like, cutting out necessary rest time.


No fighting before you sleep. If you are having an argument with your partner or family member then try to resolve it in some way before you sleep. Even try to just be nice before you sleep. Make sure to tell the other person you love them, and have at least a nice end of the day together. Having arguments will only make you go to bed angry, and wake up with negative memories of the night before and feeling a need to resolve an argument. Try to resolve things before sleeping, or at least being kind.


Go to sleep consistently. Try to develop a sleep pattern. Going to sleep for 5 hours yesterday, 10 the next day, and 8 after that is not a consistent sleep. You need to allow your body time to adjust to an appropriate sleeping pattern. Remember, there is no set formula for how many hours you should get, but keep it consistent. Personally, I only need about 6 hours of sleep and am happy going to bed around between around 1am and waking up around 7am. That’s a consistent pattern I stick to that allows me to feel rested. Find the schedule that works for you and stick to it!


Avoid caffeinated drinks or sugar right before bed. This will only make it harder to sleep and actually may energize you rather than help you feel rested. You might also experience slight discomfort from having these types of beverages before sleep.


Allow air circulation. This is especially relevant if there are any unusual smells in your room or if you are sick. Fresh air can really improve your sleep cycle.


Find makes your morning negative. If you are consistently waking up in a bad mood, and none of the aforementioned reasons are the cause then try and investigate what is causing you to wake up in such an unhappy state. Once you can identify those reasons, then you can work on changing that habit.


Being happy in the morning is a choice. Often, we forget that we do need to make lifestyle changes to allow for us to experience a happier and more refreshing morning. You must be willing to make a commitment to be happy in the morning. Sometimes these commitments are not easy and require kicking some old habits, but once you commit to something, you can really start experiencing a happier morning.