Give More Time To Family

Often we become so busy with work and other things happening in our day that we forget about the important things in life. One of these things is our family. Your family is important and sometimes we limit our happiness by not keeping a strong relationship with our families. You may live with your family and find yourself spending more time working, checking emails, returning phone calls, or rescheduling family events due to work or school. You may end up weakening your relationship with your wife, children or parents by not giving quality time to them. Others may be a long distance from their families but hardly have the time to make calls to your family. If you do call, these calls may be brief and have conversations lacking substance. You may end up being so overwhelmed with work, that whenever you have relaxation time you just want to focus on you and may not remember your family.

Happiness can be dramatically improved by improving the quality of time you share with your family. You do not need to take drastic steps to improve the quality of your family relationships. Here are some ideas for giving your family more quality time.

  1. List the reasons why your family is important to you. Remember, family has many definitions. Include whomever YOU feel should be on that list whether it’s an uncle, mother, sister, son, friend or girlfriend. Try and list why all these people are important to you. Just making this list will remind you how special these relationships are to you and how influential your family has been for you.
  2. Tell them how much you appreciate them. Small actions can add significant benefits to the quality time you and your family shares. Just giving someone a compliment or taking the time to tell them how you appreciate them can really mean a lot. Try conveying simple words of appreciation to your family.
  3. Try to find more time with your family. Start small first. Try not to overwhelm yourself. Share dinners with your family that include positive conversations. Place a goal that you will call your family at least once or twice a week, whichever is most appropriate. Commit to at least spending one day a week devoted to your family.
  4. Communicate with your family. Let them know what you are doing. Tell them about your life. Seek advice, ask for guidance. Relationships can be strengthened just by being open with your family. No matter the distance, with open and honest communication, the quality of a relationship can be improved. Communicating with loved ones may also help decrease some of your stress and remind you that people do care.
  5. Try to develop your relationship with your family mentally and spiritually. If you have children, try and attend events with them or share a hobby with your child. Attend church with your family. Start a date night with your wife or join a book club together. Plan to meet up with your sibling a couple of times a month to play video games and nerd out. Regardless of the relationship or interest, think of small ways you can develop your relationship. By staying active with your family and developing together, you are building a stronger familial relationship.