Learn To Love Yourself


Why should I love myself? Love is a journey of discovery and exploration. Many of us find out later that we do not know how to really love someone. We can’t even recognize or appreciate the love that is given to us. The best way to truly understand the meaning of love, is by learning to love yourself. This is just a first step of many that will allow you to truly appreciate and understand love.

Many of us are faced with the challenge of loving ourselves. We spend so much time criticizing ourselves, wishing for a different life, and degrading ourselves with words such as “I’m stupid” or “I’m just not good at relationships” or “I wish I was different”. These are all words of someone who does not have true self-love. Others may go looking around for love, wishing and hoping that someone will love them just to fill the emptiness in their lives. We search around for that special someone who will give us the feeling that we are important and needed. Some of these people may find someone who loves them, only realizing that that happiness is temporary and it leaves a void of unhappiness and disappointment.

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You may be able to fall in love with another, but it will be very difficult for you to learn how to truly show love appropriately without being able to love and appreciate yourself. Living a life of happiness has to start with loving yourself. You cannot attain happiness when you do not love your life or who you are. You cannot expect to truly appreciate the things around you, until you can start appreciating and loving yourself. Respect, appreciate, value and take joy in your life. Until you can feel that way, you will continue to experience a cycle of disappointment and will have unrealistic expectations for your loved ones.

Let Go Of The Past

Holding on to the past and remembering prior mistakes will only keep us in this cycle of punishing ourselves. You have to learn to let go of those mistakes and live in the present.

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Forgive Yourself

It’s time to set aside your mistakes and forgive yourself. You have to accept that these things happen and it’s time for you to move on and start over. Remember, every day is a new beginning.

Do Good Deeds For Others

Be someone who displays thankfulness and kindness to others. Doing nice things for others will help put you in a more positive mood and show how you can have such a positive influence on other people’s lives.

Never Give Up

Keep working on loving yourself. Often, this does not happen overnight. It’s a long term process that can be easy some days, and more challenging on other days. Keep being persistent about loving yourself and eventually you’ll reap those results.

List Your Good Qualities

Focus on the positives about yourself. Try keeping a daily notebook that lists all your accomplishments and positive qualities. You can even list things that you may not normally think of such as “I decided not to get upset when he or she was annoying me” or “I haven’t got back into that addiction for a few months”.

Match Characteristics

What are traits you really like about your best friends? When you are considering your ideal boyfriend or girlfriend, what traits do you imagine him or her to have? Now think about those traits that you share. You’ll be surprised to learn that you also have many of those traits which should show that you do have positive qualities to give to someone.

Have More Fun

Get out and enjoy life! Placing yourself in positive situations will make it much easier to have a positive outlook on your own life. Try and live a more relaxed and carefree life.

Be Healthier

It’s amazing how much taking care of our physical bodies can influence how we feel mentally. Try to spend more time exercising and eating healthier. Not only will you maintain a healthier body, but you might end up feeling tons better about how you look. You will also decrease the likelihood of other diseases which can contribute to unhappiness.

Be Honest

Being truthful about your feelings about yourself is one of the first steps you can take towards loving yourself. We often spend time lying to ourselves, especially in negative moments. During my most negative moments, I said many things that were simply untrue about myself such as “I’m ugly” or “I’m just average, normal, nothing extraordinary.” Stop lying to yourself! Be honest about who you are. Acknowledge your positive and negative feelings with openness and honesty. Once you do that, you may be able to understand much better why you feel unhappy with yourself.

Find Beauty In Everything

Acknowledging beauty in others around us who have their own unique characteristics and imperfections will help us acknowledge the beauty in ourselves. Take joy in the beauty that everyone offers to your life. Learn to appreciate everyone for that unique quality they add to your life.

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Don’t Be Afraid To Dream

Look forward to the future. Have dreams for yourself. Remember that all these dreams are attainable. Remember, that you are capable of achieving your dreams! Love the life that you are building for yourself every single day.

Surrender Yourself

Sometimes what is stopping ourselves from loving ourselves is we spend more time worrying about the future. We allow anxieties and fears to control our lives. Stop allowing the anxieties to control your life! Let yourself go from those worries. Remember, that some things are outside your control. Instead, do the best you can with rational thought and wisdom and remember that all you can do is your best right now, and leave the future to the future.

Please note that loving yourself does not mean being narcissistic. There is a difference between showing selfishness and pride and being able to appreciate and love who you are and your life.