Daily Archives: February 2, 2012

Learn To Say Thank You

Show your appreciation by sincerely saying thank you to someone else. Hearing someone say thank you for something you did can really brighten your day. Do the same for another and really show your appreciation. Saying thank you is something anyone can do to show appreciation no matter how limited our time or finances are.


Think about the people in your life who have really been there for you. Consider the small favors others have done to really cheer you up. Once you think about those people, no matter how long it’s been since you’ve contacted them, consider sending them a thank you letter or even an email if their address is not at hand. Write a really kind message, saying how much you appreciate them and why. Say thanks to the people who have really contributed to your life. Remember people who have helped challenge you and push you in the right direction.


Write the people who have influenced you the most a lengthy and thoughtful thank you letter. This can be sent electronically or in the mail, but remember that handwritten letters can come off as more thoughtful. For others you can send a letter, leave a kind thank you note, send a card, or just take time out of your day to say a brief thank you.


Steps to Say Thank You:


  1. Think of people you would say thank you to.
  2. Ask why you would thank those people.
  3. Think of how you would thank someone. Everyone is different and it’s up to you to decide how to thank someone. Buying a friend a drink and saying thanks in person may be better for your young friend than your mom. A brief thank you or note may be more appropriate for a colleague or employer.
  4. Spend time preparing to say thanks. Write the letter, write the note, and prepare to make the call. Write from your heart and be honest.
  5. If you are trying to say thank you to someone you are nervous about contacting then take your time. You don’t have to say thank you now. At least be aware that this is a person you would thank and contact them when you are ready.
  6. Send the thank you letter, and follow-up whenever you get the chance.
  7. Continue to show your appreciation in small, yet thoughtful ways.