Daily Archives: January 18, 2012

Raise A Pet

Raising a pet can bring joy into the life of someone who is ready to commit the time and finances for a pet and who enjoys the company of an animal. Pets can really bring joy into one’s life and it’s hard for someone to realize that until the pet is really in their lives.

I remember when I first met my partner, he kept telling me that he couldn’t afford to care for a dog and did not see the benefit of having one. He had just moved to a different state for school and was having a difficult time adjusting. I surprised him with a dog since I felt he was perfectly capable of caring for the dog and could afford one. The day he got the dog, his outlook on owning a pet completely changed and he absolutely loves his dog. It’s really helped brighten his time with settling into a new location and he really enjoys taking the dog for walks, playing with him and just spending time with his pet.

The dog has really added new joy into his life. He still thanks me for seeing how much joy raising a pet can be and thanks me for helping him make this decision. So consider raising a pet as a potential way to find happiness. Just remember that if you do make this decision you must take a good look at your life. Do you have the time and finances to properly raise a pet? Does the place you live at have pets? If you travel frequently, do you have a reliable friend, roommate or family member who can watch your pet for you? Being unable to properly care for your pet can just as easily make you feel unhappy so be sure you can provide a loving environment for your pet.