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Try New Things

Follow @joyfulmeanings “Try something new” may be a phrase that you may hear quite often. Surprisingly it’s the one piece of advice many people hear often and seems to be the common theme of movies or songs. Unfortunately trying something new can be difficult, especially when you are not sure where to start. Some people […]

Provide Unconditional Kindness

Follow @joyfulmeanings Many do not realize how conditional our kindness can be until someone challenges our kindness or makes a mistake. Some of us may be perfectly kind to someone for years but once they make a mistake, we resort to being unkind. Others are kind, hoping to receive something back for that kindness. James […]

How To Stop Focusing On The Past

Follow @joyfulmeanings The past is in the past. I’m sure you have heard that phrase before. Well, it’s true. The past will always remain in the past and no matter how hard we pray or wish, the past will never be changed. Many of us have things we regret from out past. Some have so […]

Focus On Small Improvements

Follow @joyfulmeanings I will admit that I am the type to have big goals. I’ll come up with some grand idea and sometimes I can achieve it, and other times I don’t. When I don’t achieve those goals, it ends up making me feel disappointed in myself. Even when I do achieve my goals, I […]

How To Not Dwell On Mistakes

Follow @joyfulmeanings Everyone makes a mistake at some point in their lives. We all make mistakes on a frequent basis. Making mistakes is perfectly normal and healthy. Nobody goes through life making the best decisions, doing the right thing and remembering everything at the right time. Some of us go through streaks of bad luck […]

Raise A Pet

Follow @joyfulmeanings Raising a pet can bring joy into the life of someone who is ready to commit the time and finances for a pet and who enjoys the company of an animal. Pets can really bring joy into one’s life and it’s hard for someone to realize that until the pet is really in […]

Be Healthy!

Follow @joyfulmeanings Having poor health can make you feel very unhappy. Learn to eat better and to incorporate exercise into your daily health. Taking proper steps at eating better and getting adequate exercise can do wonders to your mood. It can also help lessen the chance of illnesses in the future. If you feel overweight […]

Plan Less And Think Less

Follow @joyfulmeanings For someone like myself this can be a tough one to follow but it can dramatically improve your life sometimes. I used to be the type who would keep a document lying around where I would start planning for the next year or two. I have my own personal budget, even sometimes a […]

Judge By Your Values, Not The Value Of Others

Follow @joyfulmeanings People consistently make the mistakes of judging themselves by the standards of others. Take the case of a son who is in a career he really enjoys but his parents think it’s not a worthwhile endeavor because he is not making much money doing it. Or think of the cases where someone has […]

Get Organized

Follow @joyfulmeanings Get organized! Seriously. Lack of organization can waste a ton of time and can result in someone feeling like they are wasting time or do not have control of their lives. If you find yourself procrastinating or not making deadlines, then first look to see if you are truly organized. Are you spending […]