Do You Idealize Love?

Follow @joyfulmeanings Many of you might be thinking that no you don’t idealize love. Heck I’ve probably said that to myself many times but unknowingly was idealizing love. Here are some signs that you probably idealize love. Please note that sometimes we fall into a trap of idealizing love in different ways. Perhaps the way [...]

Experiences and Lessons in Sydney

Follow @joyfulmeanings It’s been about 8 weeks since I moved to Sydney, Australia. I’ve failed a bit at providing most people with an adequate update and I figured writing a list about Sydney from my perspective (at least after the first 2 months) would be a quick and easy start. I also wanted to combine [...]

How to Accept Change

Follow @joyfulmeanings Change happens whether or not we want it to. Sometimes change has to happen. Change is a natural progression of life. It’s natural and happens to all of us at some point. Change can sometimes be easy or difficult. Everyone handles change differently. Sometimes change is unexpected (death of a family member or [...]

How to Nurture Your Soul

Follow @joyfulmeanings A few months ago I had this realization that I may not be nurturing my soul enough. In other words, I haven’t been prioritizing my own happiness in the ways that I need to. Many of you may be able to relate to this feeling. Work, children and other responsibilities tend to take [...]